Who we are

We are Adapt CNY.

We are artists, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs. We are professionals, entertainers and activists. We wear blue collars, white collars or no collars at all. We work day shifts and night shifts or make our own hours. We are Adapt CNY and we call Central New York home.

We are under 40 and over 40 - we're all young at heart. We are creative, energetic and eager. We make no excuses for the past and take responsibility for our future. We are united in our common purpose:

•To make Central Upstate New York a more vibrant place to live, work, learn and play;
•To restore pride and hope to our communities;
•To spark a cultural renaissance that will put us on the "creative" map;
• To harness the collective strength of our communities to make positive change.

We have a highly-skilled workforce and a highly-educated populous. We have more bright, young, college students than almost any other part of the country. We have short commute times, a low cost of living and we make no apologies for our winters.

We have boundless recreational opportunities. We have forests, mountains, lakes and open space. We have a vibrant nightlife. We have high arts and street arts and everything in between. We have a history of inclusiveness, but are neither as diverse nor as tolerant as we would like. We are committed to improving.

We love where we live and we are resilient, but we are tired of watching success pass us by. We are from different backgrounds, with different goals, and we will work where our visions intersect. There is strength in numbers and in unity of purpose. We are committed. We are passionate. We will prevail.

We are ready to take this oath: "We the people of Central Upstate New York swear allegiance to ourselves and our community. Together, we will leave this region better than we found it. We will recognize our differences and focus on our commonalities. We will address our region's shortcomings and infuse our vision into the public debate. We will put our time, energy and resources into our dreams. We will shape the reality of our own future, starting today."

We are Adapt CNY, and we call Central Upstate New York home.