Adapt CNY and other cycling advocacy groups endorse Bike Lanes on Euclid Project

Press Release

The Transit Task Force of Adapt CNY joins SUNY ESF’s Bike Safety Committee, the Southeast University Neighborhood Association, Bike CNY, the Ed Smith Parent Teacher Organization, and Slow Roll Syracuse formally endorse and express support for the Bike Lanes on Euclid project currently under construction.

Euclid Avenue continues to be one of the busiest bicycle corridors in our community. Serving as one of the main thoroughfares in a dense neighborhood, the addition of bike lanes throughout this corridor gives the opportunity to improve safety for not only cyclists, but pedestrians and motorists as well.

A study, commissioned by the City and completed by Bergmann Associates, analyzed conditions along Euclid Avenue and found that more than 200 bicycles use the corridor every day. One of the most important findings was that the bicycle count is highest on Euclid during the evening alternate-side parking turn over. This means there are cars parked along both sides of the street when bicycle traffic is highest, leading to extremely dangerous conditions for motorists and cyclists as they commute home. Additionally, the report states “Euclid Avenue is essential to east-west bike mobility in the City’s eastside area and provides an opportunity to encourage traveler mode shift from motorized vehicles to bicycles, which would benefit both residents and businesses along this corridor.”

This issue has been on the forefront of the cycling community in Syracuse for many years. An online petition generated by Bike Euclid gathered over 1,200 signatures from homeowners, renters, students, concerned parents, and local businesses. A 2012 ESF survey revealed more students would ride a bicycle to campus, but found Euclid Avenue “dangerous” as it lacks proper bicycle infrastructure. Past data collection efforts at the college logged more than 500 cyclists coming into the SU/ESF campus at the Euclid/Comstock intersection and the campus’ bicycle parking spots are often completely utilized.

The addition of bike lanes on Euclid, long overdue, is consistent with the goals of Adapt CNY, SUNY ESF’s Bike Safety Committee, SUENA, Bike CNY, the Ed Smith PTO, and Slow Roll Syracuse. These organizations offer their full support to the project and will continue to endorse bike infrastructure projects in the future.